Refocusing Curriculum on Addiction Training

Posted by IWP on Aug 2, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Thousands of people all over the country are struggling with the use of opioids – whaddiction-training.jpgether it be their own addiction or witnessing someone endure a struggle of their own. In an effort to get to the core of the opioid epidemic, researchers are digging into the reasons why we may not have a firm grasp on just how to take back control and safely treat patients in pain.

With over 18,000 overdose deaths related to prescriptions pain killers in 2014, it’s imperative to  “reach doctors at the start of their careers, before they’ve established a practice and get set in their ways”, Dr. Anna Lembke says in the article As Opioid Epidemic Surges, Medical Schools Try To Keep Pace. Universities like Stanford are now reworking their curriculum to add additional addiction training.

IWP’s Pharmacy Team is staffed with pharmacists averaging seven years’ experience in pain management. They provide a valuable resource to prescribers and treating physicians who are looking to find customized treatment plans for their patients.

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It’s essential that our patient’s feel comfortable with their treatment plan and are informed on the proper use of their medications. From our Four-Point Quality Check to daily prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) checks, our Pharmacy Team guarantees the right medication goes to the right person for the right injury.

We at IWP strive to bring awareness to the matter and support the ongoing effort to curb the nation’s opioid epidemic.

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